Behind Our Lens.

Meet Eric.
The Outgoing Soul

I'm all about forging connections and making every moment count. I take our storytelling to new heights through breathtaking drone footage that adds a whole new dimension to our visuals. I'm also the guy who weaves these moments together, creating narratives that linger in your memory long after the camera stops rolling.

Meet Gina.
The Calm & Quiet Spirit

I'm the quiet force behind the lens, finding beauty in life's subtlest moments. With my love for detail and an artistic eye, I weave together intimate, emotive shots that reflect the true essence of every captured memory. My passion lies in capturing the genuine connections and emotions that make each moment special.

Let us help tell Your Story.

Rhode Island Based

While our roots are firmly planted in the Ocean State, our passion for storytelling through images knows no bounds. Whether it's a picturesque beach wedding along the Rhode Island coastline or a breathtaking destination event, we're always ready to embark on new adventures to bring your vision to life.

Families & Couples.
Seize Those Special Moments

From the growth of your family to the intimate moments shared between partners, we specialize in capturing the love, laughter, and authentic connections.

Showcase Indivdualism

In the world of portrait photography, each image is a unique story waiting to be told. Whether it's capturing the excitement of a graduation, the professionalism of a head shot, or the vibrancy of senior portraits, we excel in showcasing individuals in their best light.


Your Very Special Day

Your love story is one of a kind, and we're here to capture every bit of its magic. With our blend of artistry and candid moments, we freeze those heartwarming memories into timeless images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Express Yourself

Embrace your confidence, beauty, and unique allure in a boudoir session crafted just for you. Our mission is to create a cozy, safe space where you can express yourself freely.

Let's Freeze Time Together.